Our Impact 

Recognising the proven benefits of dance in enhancing mental and physical well-being, we focus on providing weekly classes tailored for individuals for whom there is no suitable accessible dance provision in our area.

Our impact is not measured in steps and routines; it’s evident in transformed lives. Our impact measurement reveals a greater sense of belonging, improved social connections, physical health and mental well-being. Our Story of Change shows our outcomes and impact on beneficiaries.

Story of Change

We host an annual summer showcase for our groups to perform at and invite other local groups. We also host an annual Christmas sharing for all our members and their families and we have participated in multiple local festivals and events. Check out the events section of our blog for more details. We have collected a considerable number of stories from our students that reflect the huge impact that our classes have had on their well-being and quality of life.

Student Stories

Meet SUSAN – Spotlight story

Meet SUSAN – Spotlight story

Let us introduce you to the wonderful Susan! Susan is a very special GEM’s participant. When she’s not dancing, she is a talented writer and poet.

Annual Reports

We conduct an annual impact monitoring survey in addition to regular feedback surveys to ensure that we are meeting our aims. We use this data along with case studies on students, and other data from registers and other forms to create our annual social impact report. 





We use a student-centred approach in our classes through listening to participants and being responsive. We will regularly communicate with our members to improve our services and conduct feedback questionnaires to continually improve the service that we provide.

The commitment and regular attendance of our participants underscore the invaluable service we provide, motivating us to extend this positive impact, and ensuring Move Momentum classes remain a beacon of well-being and community connection.

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