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Meet LUCY – Student Spotlight

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Lucy is one of our fabulous Stanmore Academy dancers – she has a passion for all things dance! If she’s not dancing herself then she’ll be catching up on her favourite TV show Dance Moms!

Lucy joined Stanmore Academy after being referred. A friend’s mum noticed that Lucy loved to move around and was always full of beans, so suggested trying out dance classes. Lucy hasn’t looked back since!

Lucy is full of energy and loves learning new moves and trying out challenging steps. She is always eager for the next lesson where she can move around and be herself.

“Knowing that I can be myself at dance makes me feel welcomed and that’s why I keep going back for more! Since starting dance I’ve felt more free – whenever I hear the word dance I just say yes!”

When Lucy isn’t dancing or watching Dance Moms, she loves to watch Marvel films. Lucy describes a day in her life as ‘Crazy! I’m always jumping around and full of energy, sometimes I can be a little mischievous too”.

Join Lucy and our community of Academy members in both Winnall and Stanmore.

Get in touch to join a class.

Our Academies are fun, relaxed and affordable street dance classes for young people aged 11-16 in Winchester, we run one in Stanmore and one in Winnall. Read more about our Academies here.

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