Make sure everyone can access your website!

Make sure everyone can access your website

Website Accessibility Tools

Incredible tools to improve accessibility to your website!

As the world of web has developed, alongside our understanding of neurodivergence and difference, the need for fully accessible web products has become clear.

Ideally, all modern website are designed and built WCAG compliant.

But what can you do if your website isn’t WCAG compliant? and does it really matter?

We explaine below why web accessibility is important, why it matters to your business, and how these tools can help you to get much closer if you can’t afford a full new web development project.

You can read more about our committment to accessibility.

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Did you know that around one in seven people in the UK are neurodivergent?

By improving the accessibility of your website you could increase the productivity of up to 20% of your work force.

It is estimated that 50% of people are unaware that they have a neurodiversity.


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