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Meet Erin – Spotlight Story

Erin attends our Winchester Stanmore Academy, the street dance class for 11-16 year-olds that takes place on Wednesdays (5.30-6.30 pm) at St Luke’s Church Hall.

Erin’s been dancing with us since October 2021, and since joining the group has not only greatly improved her dancing skills, but also really grown in confidence.

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Erin says,

“Coming to Move Momentum has made my life better.

“It has made me a much happier person, because dance is where you can just express your emotions and no one judges you – and here, there’s no bullying or anything.

“The problems that you have outside don’t come in, and we’re all just friends and get along with each other. It’s just a really nice, positive environment to be in.”

And Erin’s teacher, Kerry, says that Erin brings a fantastic, positive energy to class and is really supportive of other students.

We love to have feedback like Erin’s. The aim of our academies is to provide a safe place where young people can learn, develop and achieve, as well as build friendships – and of course come to have fun and dance!

It’s all about being part of a community, too – and that’s one of the reasons we’re relaunching our Winnall Academy class, taking place on Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm at Winnall Primary School.

Erin’s story was featured in our 2022 Social Impact Report. We know that dance can change people’s lives, improve their physical and mental wellbeing and provide a fantastic source of friendship and community spirit. But we think it important to continually evaluate this and report on what our students and dance participants themselves think, and that’s why we produce an annual social impact report. And so, if you haven’t already, please do take a few minutes to take a look at the 2022 Social Impact Report.

And if Erin’s story has inspired you, do get in touch if you’d like more information about our Academies – and if you’d like to come and see what the academy classes are all about, we’re running three FREE classes at Stanmore and three FREE classes at Winnall in July:

Winnall: 4, 11, 18 July
Stanmore: 5, 12, 19 July


Just let us know if you’d like to come!

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