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Liberate Dance at Enham Summer Fete 16 September 2023

Our Liberate wheelchair-based dancers are really looking forward to showcasing their skills at the Enham Summer Fete on Saturday 16 September 2023.

Move Momentum CEO and dance teacher, Amanda, has delivered a number of workshops at Enham, and this is the second time Liberate dancers have been invited to perform – and we’re delighted to have been asked back.

The Enham Trust, near Andover in Hampshire, is an amazing organisation, supporting people with a range of disabilities, and the fete takes place on the village green of Enham Alamein, 12 noon to 4pm on 16 September.

The Liberate dancers are performing at 1pm, with Amanda also delivering a workshop – to which everyone’s invited to join!


“We’re always excited to be putting on performances,” Amanda says, “and it’s always particularly lovely to be invited back to places and events.

“This is a great opportunity for our Liberate dancers to really demonstrate the freedom of movement a wheelchair brings to people with disabilities – and it’s great fun rehearsing and getting ready for a performance.”

If you’re visiting the Enham Summer Fete, do pop along at 1pm to watch the Liberate dancers – and perhaps join in with the workshop! We’d love to see you.

And, if you’re interested in finding out more about Liberate Dance, we’d also love to hear from you.

We run three studio sessions in Winchester on Saturdays (for ages 7-13 years, 14-21, and 21+), and an online class via Zoom on Wednesdays. The classes are all about people going at their own pace, enjoying dance – with an opportunity to take part in shows and events if that’s what people want – and most of all it’s about having fun. All the details are on our Liberate Dance webpage.


We also have more information about Move Momentum’s workshops and specialist classes on our Care Homes and Workshops page.

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