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Academies Dancer Alfie – Spotlight Story

On Monday 23 October, we published a blog about National Boys Dance Day, and this week have been highlighting the stories of some of our ‘boy’ dancers.

We run a variety of different classes at Move Momentum, and including our Academies – street-dance classes for 10-16 year-olds. We hold two Academy classes during time-time – one at Winnall in Winchester on Tuesdays, and the second at Stanmore, Winchester, on Wednesdays.

And this blog is all about 15-year-old Stanmore Academy dancer, Alfie, and who’s been doing our street-dance classes since Move Momentum started in 2019. We asked Alfie some questions and his answers are below.

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What made you take up dancing?
For a fun activity after school.

Why do you like dancing?
I enjoy seeing friends and having fun with them. It’s also good exercise.

What is your favourite part of the class?

The fun games.

Have you made new friends through Stanmore Academy? If so, what do these friendships mean to you?
Yes – I’m glad to have found them.

Is there any particular type of music or piece of music that you like?
Drum and bass.

What are the benefits of coming to the classes?
For exercise and support from our teacher, Kerry, and from everyone in the class.

Do you have any particular role models for dancing/do you watch Strictly or any other dancing programmes?
Diversity – very good dancers. Strictly – they once turned the place into a swimming pool, the dance to Imagine Dragons’s ‘Believer’ – a very unique and interesting dance.

What are your plans for the future?
Carpentry and an apprenticeship – and to continue these classes for as long as possible.

Do you think the Academies classes will help you achieve your goals?
Yes – the support will help.

Move Momentum CEO and dance teacher, Amanda, says,

“Alfie has been attending our Stanmore Academy for about four years, so it’s clear that he really enjoys dancing and being a part of the group, and it’s amazing to see how far he’s come.


“He is an integral part of the group and has become close friends with many other participants and is also now a great role model for new members joining the class.


“It has been a delight to continue to watch Alfie develop into a lovely young man and we are very glad that he is a part of our Stanmore Academy.”

And thank you for sharing your story with us, Alfie!

If you’d like more information about the Academies classes, head over to the Academies webpage – and if you’ve missed any of the ‘boys’ blogs already posted this week, we’ve written about Liberate dancer Jack and GEMS dancer John. And look out tomorrow for Harry’s.

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